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Though often symbolized as UI/UX design, beware! If you were to confuse these two terms with either, you would be committing a developer’s heresy. User interface design and user experience design are two distinct disciplines. And though they are interdependent and interacting, they are not interchangeable.

UX or UED aims, above all, to enhance the end user’s experience with the company and using their product/service. It is also known as a ‘human-first design’. It constantly strives to refine the ease of access, use, functioning when using the product. It is more a part of the technical aspect of the design process.

On the other hand, UI is a more artistic aspect of the design process. It is associated with graphic design and primarily aims to enhance the design of the actual interface. So if we refer to the digital space, when users are utilizing an application, UI would refer to the elements the users interact with such as the icons, the color scheme and tone, the patterns of style and basically the overall appearance and presentation of the app. See the difference between Android and IOS apps to get a better picture. The UI process is considered more complex by designers.
Though the terms can apply to any field, you will find them as a common lingo in the digital and web development space. The fundamental aspect of their existence is the satisfaction that the customer/user derives from the product/service.

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