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A product launch marks the premiere of a new product or service on the big screen of the market. The customer is now introduced to and can access the product. The marketing strategy involves a well-organized sequence of events, aiming to establish a powerful presence, and make exponential sales in the shortest time of its debut.
A product can be offered by creating a website around it, with its details, and a ‘live’ sales page displaying a “call to action” button. Or it can be advertised via a big event, but the former is a more common method.

The pre-launch phase involves advertising of the product along with its release date and time long before release. Support from affiliates is garnered, and the first buyers are identified. You can even have them to subscribe beforehand, by offering special bonuses. Believe in your product. Your potential customers will too!

Research and test the product thoroughly on a small segment of the target market long before actual release. Focus on what people want, what they would feel proud to use. Get coverage through blogs. Get people talking about it since long. You may have to keep adjusting to the new changes coming with the launch. After the launch makes sure to gather feedback. Very handy for the next project!

Finally, remember- the devil is in the detail! Scrutinize every step of the last bit. You may need an expert for this! Speaking of which, we at Troofal expertise in serving as a launch pad for your rock-star product, right from initial conceptualization, designing and development, all through the final launch.
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