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Art direction, whether we are talking about filming or television, publishing, advertising, or web designing, is in simple words directing the art that goes into creating visually stunning images. Such images are meant to evoke an emotion in the mind of the viewer. In case of web design layouts, they just need to be appealing to look at. In the older days, painters created artistic pictures that were embedded with meaningful symbolism and they told a tale to the viewer. A masterfully created artwork will do just that- narrate a story, graphically!

Art directors have the role to manage a team of designers who translate a given idea into color and form. It involves fusing together the different styles of every designer on the team, complementing the words with the imagery, and ensuring that the message is clearly understandable to the audience. As James Fenton says, it is not just about creating a visual experience but also directing the watcher through the information being presented.

Art direction is crucial to a website’s success. A visual page, with remarkably crafted copy, is the first factor that impresses a customer. And that is what we at Troofal Interactive help to accomplish for you.