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An advertisement or ad is simply a mode of communication through which companies announce, promote and inform (or misinform!) about their products or services to their potential customers. It is another integral section of the marketing department along with market research. Every great company invests heavily in research- to understand the consumer’s mindset and the advertisement process.

This is one department with immense scope for creativity. Since it is meant to attract the attention, within a short window of opportunity, it should be catchy from the very beginning. For that purpose, an ad can be unusual, humorous, or even controversial. Also, if it is a campaign for awareness or social change, such as gender equality or Aids awareness, its message should be captivating.

There are many modes of media via which one can reach the consumer. In the early days, print media such as flyers, brochures, ads in newspapers, etc were rampant. Banners on major roads or commercials during important sports events are everyday sightings. With technology, ads moved to radios, televisions and finally the internet. Today the largest share is retained by Internet media, particularly social media.

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