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MyHealthBuddy is SaaS platform that takes an initiative to create a holistic path for physical well being.

It all started with a problem, as latest by 2017 statistics show that

over 44% of WHO Member States report to have less than 1 physician per 1000 population.

Yes, the statistics are not overwhelming but true!

Here’s when, MyHealthBuddy team figured out a solution

a central lesson of ecological models is that because behavior is influenced at multiple levels, the most effective interventions also should operate at multiple levels

They initiated the process of keeping one health buddy per one custmer and managing everything in excels, which we all understand is not possible in real world with higher number of customers approaching them.
Soon, it became quiet a task to manage everything in a series of excels and time taking manual processes of making nutrition plans and other processes.

Here’s when Troofal Interactive came into picture. From endless coffee meetings to brunches, we collaboratively reached out to a solution. That solution to be incorporated in the dashboard other than the website.

We decided to have a beta server for the MHB team so they can be involved in every phase of their product development. Having this opportunity, both the teams worked passionately towards the goal. Breaking the process into modules, we initiated with wireframes for website followed by the dashboard, soon the wireframes were made live on the beta website.

It’s all about the quality of product and finding the ideal balance between creativity, hardwork, technology, and mostly, a healthy life. Being happy with the website we all decided to make it live and keep dashboard on the beta server only.

Choosing Agile methodology really helped a lot, for accepting regresive changes and methodologies. One should always be ready to get prune for a strong start. One aspect we kept in mind while architecting the system was a strong coehesion and low coupling inside and amongst modules respectively. For the dashboard, we decided to go ahead with Angular JS for frontend, Node.js Express for API server, and MySql for the backend.

This platform is capable of

  • calculating BMI and BMR of a user with great information and visuals
  • registering as a normal/ premium user ( payment gateway integrated )
  • assigning manager and buddy for each of the customer and manage the same ( admin delegation )
  • making a user to be a premium one ( UPI payment from admin panel added )
  • managing follow up system with different filters
  • helping buddies to plan nutrient food using Nutrition planning tool for each specific user
  • helping buddies to write a diet plan based on the selected nutrient food items
  • complex plan became visually easy for a user to understand and follow, they can also print the same
  • adding food items in bulk( or individually )
  • feedback system is also incorporated in this plaform
  • user can add their pictures for the buddies and themselves, to understand the performance even better, they can also opt to view the same in graphical representation
  • lots more under the sleeves

The website and dashboard is fully-responsive and easy to access across all devices. You can visit the amazing website at and to view the dashboard, well, here’s the link where you can register and explore for more.

This is one of the corporates we had worked with. Would you like to be a part of us? Then don’t hesitate. Just call at +91-45151375/+91-7838909443 or drop a line at