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With 300 clients, 500 projects and 100+ brands, we are a young yet professional and experienced venture. We have served for the famous venture called PENAIM.
PENAIM is meant to provide the best in class career counselling solutions.

Penaim is the fastest growing Career counselling/Career Guidance platform in India. You can consult about your career from any part of the country. They have panel of expert counsellors who have years of experience on the domain.
Penaim help students choose right career path by the scientific career counselling / career guidance program based on its proprietary aptitude test. Students go through series of aptitude test and counselling session with their experts based on which they make assessment report and guide them accordingly. You can have counselling session with their experts both through phone/skype and face to face session.
While choosing the right career for students, their assessment system also considers external influencers like opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, budgets and demographics. Coupled with these valuable insights their experts are ready to guide students for a future which is the best fit for them.
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