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You see, there are only a few innovative minds out in the world, who can brainstorm and provide complete solutions to a better experience.
Whether it be in any scenario, and any field, there are some innovative minds at work.

When it comes to website solutions, Troofal Interactive stands tall. Today we’ll share our brainstorming campaigning with

We’ll show you what we did, and how we brought about a revolution in the website’s user experience.

A head-to-toe business solution

We helped in revamping the website completely and provided an overall makeover to the website framework. This is what we brought a transition in:

– We changed the front end of the website, as we know how important the first impression stands.
– Development of the website into a hub for multi pages, to improve readability, and divide the website in an orderly manner to present the data in a better fashion.
– What handles the main business of a website? That’s right. The content! With our content development solutions, the blogs were revolutionized to be much more informative and attractive, in addition to being SEO friendly.
– The revenues should always be easily received. The website had to be transformed so that the payment gateway site optimisation could take place. After all, who would wait for ages to pay their own money? That is why the payment gateway for MyhealthBuddy needed to be revamped.
– The pages of the website needed to be attractive, and filled in with proper SEO techniques along with appropriate and functional backlinks.

This is one of the corporates we had worked with. Would you like to be a part of us? Then don’t hesitate. Just call at +91-45151375/+91-7838909443 or drop a line at