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We at troofal aim at only one thing- satiate your need. Our aim is such because we are a design and development company with specialization in multi arena domain. Our project and services are multiplatformd such as mobile development, web designs and general developments.

With 300 clients, 500 projects and 100+ brands, we are a young yet professional and experienced venture. Irrespective of being a young company, the vast experience of our players has led to achievement of success in multiple cooperates and one among our prominent client was Moksha foundation.

Moksha Foundation is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with their primary focus in Delhi. They are mainly focused on Green energy promotion with a focus on sustainable energy, justice to the requisite parties through providence of legal aid, medical aid to the needy, and general awareness programs.

They had further on completed many successful endeavors such as “Take two campaign” (which promoted the art and love in giving to others), “Moksha Jan utsav” (Medical, Legal and assistance camp for the needy), “Uttarkhand relief fund”, “Swasth Bhavisya campaingn” (Sanitation awareness) etc.

They have been featured across multiple media such as The Hindustan Times, Delhi times etc. and we at troofal were lucky enough to work and associate with them. Primarily, we took over the entire end to end branding process for Moksha foundation. It was due their immense confidence in us that they even provided us opportunity to print and design their logo including their letterheads. The feat we achieved were through diligent hard work and close association with Moksha. A glance at their website would enlighten you on both their generous work and the work we had put in.