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Homefyn is a Real Estate Valuation SaaS platform designed and developed with Troofal Interactive. This platform allow clients’ to have property intelligence to help making decisions for property sale/purchase, retail lending and lots more.

Conceptualizing thoughts among requirements and portraying them on papers is where you begin to create footsteps. After multiple discussions, going from this

to somewhat this,

Being acceptable for recurrent updation is when your patience is tested, but acrossing them you see a brilliant art work.

After being happy with the website, we switched to dashboard where we had already started working on modules as we chose to have low coupling among them. For the dashboard, we decided to go ahead with Angular JS for frontend, Node.js Express for API server, and MySql for the backend.

This platform allows a user to see complex structures into visually adaptable solutions. They have options to choose amongst various cities, built-up or plot area, the type of property and lots more. With the chosen filters, system with its intelligence offers a summaried report, which if further you wish to explore you can generate the complete report and understand easily with graphs, maps and other elements.

The website and dashboard is fully-responsive and easy to access across all devices. You can visit the amazing website at and explore for more.

This is one of the corporates we had worked with. Would you like to be a part of us? Then don’t hesitate. Just call at +91-45151375/+91-7838909443 or drop a line at