White Collar Automation will replace all the Human workers in the industries

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Firstly, due to the increase in technology, robots, artificial intelligence and software in the company are now challenging all the White Collar professions. It has been seen in the year 2018 that most of the companies’ robots are now replacing the human being in the working place. The replacement of White Collar profession by machine or robots is known as White Collar Automation. The technologies are reducing the human workers in numerous kinds of works.

These types of machines and robots are nowadays used in medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and IT industries which are also used to cut down the efforts of the workers and the time they needed to do the work. The industries are now adopting these robots and machine, by replacing them with their teams or employers.

The following are the fields which use the White collar automation and they are:

Industry works

The different types of industry work with White Collar Automation. The robots or technologies mostly do the task of data entry, updating financial documents or just handling all the details of customers request nowadays. It has also been seen that the advanced robots mostly do the work that is boring or time-consuming. Whether it is marketing sector or the financial sector. The White Collar Automation is replacing the human employers.


The White Collar Automation is also doing the numerous task of Healthcare sectors. The healthcare companies are just using the robots to cut down the cost and to improve the efficiency of work. The tasks that the robots or machines do are handling invoice, reducing all the bad debts, processing all the claims and improving the experiences of patients.

The following are some of the jobs that the White Collar Automation has replaced:

Financial or sports reporters

One of the main tasks of the journalist or the reporters is to gather information and take interview of the people. After this, all the gathered information and to write an attractive article. But nowadays, technologies and software have replaced this task. There are numerous types of software present that will help to create the financial reports automatically.

Online marketers

Nowadays the business employers are not generating any messages and sending to there target audiences. The software also does these jobs. There is various software available that identify all the brands or the products. In which the customers are spending more of their time. The machine used to generate the message and send it to the consumers for the purchasing offer.

Anesthesiologists, surgeons, and diagnosticians

Robots are replacing the doctors in doing surgery. In many hospitals, it has been seen that the Robots are doing the operation of patients and removing tumours from them. The robots have now taken the place of hair transplants.

Law Firms

Reviewing all the law documents or the cases is one of the challenging jobs for the lawyers or advocates. The software used in the Law firms is used to predict the outcomes of the cases result and analyzing all the past court arguments and ruling.

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