User Behavior Tracking Tools

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Tracking means following the trail of something ahead. User behavior tracking is generally done on websites to know how customers are interacting with the product. User behavior tracking is an ongoing process than just an analysis of data. The process starts with the collection and analysis of your data. User behavior tracking tools are really useful tools to know customer demands and control the quality of the product.

Here, we will discuss top 5 user behavior tracking tools these days.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the eldest and powerful analytics tools available in the market. It will help you understand exactly what your visitors are doing on your site. Beyond user behavior data, Google Analytics does a great job giving you a sense of user demographics, showing you where your users are from, what types of internet browsers they are using, and even the size computer monitor they are using.


MOZ is a useful tool for tracking your rankings in search engines as well as what’s going on with your social network presence. You can see exactly how you rank on Google for a specific search term and then track your performance over time compared to your competition. This helps you a lot as you try and optimize your site for search engines and climb the rankings. Here you can compare your website with those of your competitors.


ChartBeat is one of the best User behavior tracking tools for the publishers. It can give you a real-time view of what your customers are doing on your site, what content they are interacting with, and exactly what they are clicking on, scrolling to, etc. You can know the details of the customer activity on your site. This is an especially useful tool for news sites that might want to adjust headlines in real-time to ensure that new stories get the maximum number of clicks.


Compete is the generally used to know the amount of traffic on a particular site. It provides competitive data so you can see precisely how your top competitors are performing online. Compete will also help you find related sites that you should be keeping an eye on.


CrazyEgg lets you see what users click on and also where they move their mouse on the page.CrazyEgg’s specialty is their heat mapping tool. A heat map is a simple way to get beyond the huge amount of data provided by other analytics tools.

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