Technologies Used In 3D Printing

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Whenever we talk about printing, mostly it is on the topic of 2D paintings. But in the amazing technologically advanced era 3D printing is also possible. If you are used to working in the field of software modelling, then you must be familiar with 3D printing. It is a blessing of science absolutely. With the help of this printing technology, we can just get the three-dimensional product in our hand just after creating the model. It is a growing business nowadays. There are many companies working on it. Whatever we will discuss it will be always less on the topic of 3D printing. Though here we will talk about the few aspects of this emerging technology.

What is 3D printing

It is just a printing in the three-dimensional form. The print works we are used to seeing they are all two dimensional. So it is done on a 2D paper or sheet. In case of 3D printing, they use solidified materials as the constituents of the object. The product is developed with the help of this parent material. Suppose you want an action figure of Captain America which is of a unique style and not available in the store, but you have the 3D model of the figure. Then you have to go for a three-dimensional printing machine and print the model. That’s all, your task is done and you will get your action figure in some moments. Thus, this technology works actually.

How is it done?

3D printing is based on the three-dimensional modelling of the objects. If you are unable to generate the model of the object, then 3D printing of that particular object cannot be done. At the very first you have to develop the 3D model of the object to be printed in the various modelling software. AutoCAD is the most suitable option for this. You can also use any other three-dimensional modelling software.

Development of 3D printing

First of all, modelling software is used to model the skeleton figure of the object. Then 3D printers are used. It is definitely a costly business. So the inkjet printers used are very costly and the constituents will also cost a lot. The binder materials are generally sandstone or wax. The raw modelling files are called the additive manufacture file. Then different 3D printing gadgets are used.

Technologies used in 3D printing

Various technologies can be used in this printing technology. The most popular technology used is rapid prototyping. Nowadays, fused deposit modelling is also used. But stereolithography is the oldest method for this type of printing. Different types of printers are also widely available. These printers are a box with printing devices attached to it.

Uses of 3D printing

3D printing is mostly used in the generation of prototypes of the automobiles. Machine parts are also developed using this type of printing. It is also used to make an action figure for kids. You can also create the 3D sculptures using this awesome technology.

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