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At a glance

Year of starting: 2011

Founder: Dr. Brijmohan Sharma, Mr. Hardeep Mehta & Mr. Ashish Solanki

Based in: Delhi

Sector: multidimensional IT services

Services provided: Software development, Android, iOS and hybrid app development, Graphics Designing, Content Development


India is a developing country so there is always a hike in IT services in this country. IT solution is an important part of the business in India. Many companies have grown and a huge number of young employees work in these companies. Troofal Interactive is a popular name in the field of IT solutions and software development. We are Delhi based company and have a good expertise in software development. We are renowned for Android and iOS app development also. The initial journey of Troofal Interactive was not smooth. We as a startup had to pass through several odds and thus, we have resulted in a successful startup story which is now an inspiration for many entrepreneurs.

First step

The first stage of the development of any company is planning. You have to plan strategically to progress in your dream startup. The entrepreneurs have to keep adequate patience. Troofal Interactive has not flourished in one day. It has reached this peak on the basis of a year’s hard work and planning. The developers of this company have fixed their organizational goal and lead the company to achieve that goal. Mr. Hardeep Mehta, the founder of Troofal Interactive has enormous leadership capabilities. He is an also expert in the field of software architecture and development. He made this company to climb the top of success with his year’s of experience.

Funding is another important part of a startup. You may have a good strategic planning, but without a proper funding, you cannot flourish in the startup. Troofal Interactive had arranged sufficient funds to make the company stand. Once upon a time, it was a small company with little funds, but now it provides employment to numerous young members of India. This is the success of a startup. We have also served our social responsibility. The early developers are attached to it till the date. The startup of Troofal Interactive is not only about the progress of this company, but it also includes the fulfillment of the small dreams of the employees.

Complete software solutions

Troofal Interactive also provides complete software solutions. All the developers of this company are experienced in the development of a complete bug-free software. A complete software solution imparts that the software will have the interface and also the contents.

Troofal Interactive develops most of its hybrid apps with the advanced technologies of this modern era. The fabulous technologies are AngularJS, Node.js, React, Ionic, React-Native etc. Ionic is the most used technology but we intend to use React-Native most preferably.

Content development

Content development is also an important service provided by Troofal Interactive. Many new content developers have interned in this company. They have earned good experience. We provide suitable contents for different organizations according to their requirements and within the given deadline.

Internship at Troofal Interactive

A long time has passed since the beginning of Troofal Interactive and now it is a full grown enterprise. But in spite of prospering this much, it has not lost its ethics. Now Troofal Interactive provides training to many small corporates to initiate their business. We know that problems can be faced by a new entrepreneur because Troofal Interactive was at that position too.

Troofal Interactive also offers an internship to young students. A company which was just born a few years ago, now helping a lot of people through their service. This is what you can call a proper success. Thus, Troofal Interactive has this attractive startup story which will definitely influence the young entrepreneurs to engage in their own start-ups.


Troofal Interactive has done an effective branding of the company at the early age. They have set a clear aim to prosper in the field of IT solutions. Always providing the best software solution, meeting requirement of the users, developing the most advanced technology are the steps of our success. Troofal Interactive has always taken the initiative to research their products. All these efforts of the company have turned us into a leading client serving brand of the country.

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