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Single page website is defined in the same way as it sounds, there is actually quite a bit more to it. So in this article, we will discuss what is a single page website is in this article.

What is Single Page Website?

A single page website is a new trend in recent time. The majority of the people know that single page website showcases only one particular thing. But, surprisingly, many people do not understand the full concept of SPW.

Why is the name one page?

One page website, allows the reader to get all the information, at the same time and same place. It allows the reader to take the decision and act upon it. Single page website does not give any extra information, like about, services and contact.

It just gives the information about how the website functions and how they might help the user to choose one from their products or services offered.

They try to bring in the user’s attention to the main thing and try to remove the clutter of information, that covers in most of the page, creating distractions.

How is Single Page Website Different?

So basically the target is to provide the necessary information to the user so that they do not have to reach various pages and other links for the same. They believe in keeping it simple, and presenting to the people in another side, the utility of one page. Therefore, by simplicity, they achieve a lot by minimum means.

Also, the production cost of website decreases since the information on the website reduces.  So you have to spend less on maintaining your website. Since with the cropping up of various websites, people will follow each other. And, given the obvious information and make their websites, similar looking.

But the secret is to break the rules, and emerge different from the rest and present yourself meaningfully but smartly. It is to be noticed, that single page websites channels their energy in the right direction, working hard only on what is needed and not just everything and anything that is trending.

Rules for Single Page Website

Single page websites need to follow certain rules so that they come under the category of Single Page Websites :

  1. Just because you are giving less information, does not mean that your website will miss out on the vital ones. Your website should have relevant information so that it can be regarded as the parent page. Only do not put in clutter or unnecessary information.
  2. The links to the additional pages, in case you want to do so, should not be visible in the website header –  because it distracts the user from the single Page website reading experience and also destroys the essence of a one-page website.
  3. These page links should definitely be associated with the website footer so that as the reader finishes reading your web page and decides to find out further about your company, should not click on those links.

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