Popular JavaScript Frameworks Used In App Development

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JavaScript is the most popular and common client-side scripting language. It is not as same as Java. In the present time, the field of Web Development and other businesses use these famous Javascript Frameworks. However, it can be challenging to keep up yourself updated with all popular JavaScript frameworks. There are lots of frameworks keep coming every month, which make it difficult to choose the best for users.

It is very important to choose frameworks on its uniqueness, accessibility, and internationalization. Moreover, it is necessary to know and understand top and popular JavaScript frameworks nowadays.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development


It is the successor to Angular.js. Angular is a fully specialized and opinionated framework that renders defaults for data fetching, state management, development language and build toolchain. It has strong corporate support and clear best practices. This is a full-featured framework with all well -tested defaults.


Evan, You created and developed Vue.js. Vue.js is not supported by a single major company. It relies on individual and corporate donations. It is easy to learn and is similar to React in many respects. Vue.js is simple to use and is good at per performance. Its good documentation makes it one of the popular JavaScript frameworks of present time.


Facebook developed React.js and it quickly gained popularity. React.js is a JavaScript library for the development of the UI apps. It is compatible with high-performing enterprise applications. It possesses an ability to perform well in SEO, simpler JSX, simpler TSX, virtual DOM or powerful IS library. React.js can build dynamic and high traffic web applications.


It is the most popular JavaScript framework of the year 2013. Angular.js is featured with MVC architecture, declarative programming styles, two-way data binding, and robust feature set. It has well established good documentation and abundance in training resources. Angular.js has full featured with rapid development pace, easy code integration and readiness for unit testing.


It is based on the MVVM pattern with a strong philosophical viewpoint. Ember.js allows developing web applications at a faster rate. It is one element of a set of tools that work together to provide a complete development stack. Its establishment has cleared the best practices. Ember.js renders complete freedom and flexibility and to code richer and interactive web applications.

Paradigms of Javascript Frameworks

The JS frameworks are commonly divided into different types of paradigm such as functional programming paradigm, reactive programming paradigm, object-oriented programming paradigm, and Typescript as a primary development language.

There are also other notables and popular frameworks which include Inferno, ReasonML, Dojo, Hyperapp, Surplus, Ultradom, etc. A particular purpose requires a different framework. There are numerous frameworks in the market which possess their own capabilities.

A developer can save time and money by using these frameworks. However, JavaScript is the future of web development and choosing the right JavaScript framework is not at all easy for people.

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