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Accelerated Mobile Pages, generally abbreviated as AMP, is a website publishing technology which is usually open source. Also, the Accelerated Mobile Pages can improve the performance of most of the web content and online advertisements.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project which is led by Google. Also, it competes with the Instant Articles project initiated by Facebook. The AMP project includes extensive searches, web publishing and social platforms around the world on world wide web.

By technological terms, Accelerated Mobile Pages or (AMP) has many of its formats online. Some of them are as below:

I. Open web format

The Accelerated Mobile Pages are mostly published on the open web. As a result, most of the internet browsers display them. Generally, an HTML tag contains the link of the AMP.

II. AMP framework

The framework of the AMP has mainly three components. First of all, the AMP HTML which is related to web components. Another one is AMP JavaScript which manages resource loading. Finally, there are AMP catches which validate these pages.

III. Third party integration

Third-party integration means that any individual or organization can work on the content or advertisement, which will be able to work on all AMP pages.

IV. Performance

The Accelerated Mobile Pages which are served in Google can load in a second or even less. Furthermore, they also use ten times fewer data than those pages which are not AMP.

V. Parity with Canonical pages

As per the announcement made by Google on February 1, 2018, Google will require that the content mentioned in Canonical pages will be same as the content which you display on the Accelerated Mobile Pages. This new feature will ensure that the users will be able to experience a better way of net surfing. They will be able to avoid troubles related to user interface and security issues.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages services can help your business a lot in advertisement and other kinds of content which is available on world wide web.

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