AngularJS Training provides you the skills needed to create dynamic web applications. You will learn about the concepts of AngularJS, JavaScript, MVC Framework. This Training covers various AngularJS module in third party, controllers, routes, filters, Node.js, Dependency Injection and Integration with MVC. It includes features of data binding and dependency injection to reduce coding efforts.

At the end of Angular.JS training course, participants will be able to:
• Build RIA using Angular.js
• Exploit two-way binding offered by Angular.js
• Use dependency injection for better maintainability
• Understand and use various directives offered by Angular.js
• Create custom directives
• Use grunt.js for commonly performed tasks in JavaScript application development
• Use bower.js for client-side dependency management

Suggested Audience
• Web developer who wants to build best-of-breed web applications with the simplicity and elegance of JavaScript.

• Should be familiar with any one web development technologies
• Should have intermediate level exposure in JavaScript

Why Should You Take This AngularJS Training Course?
AngularJS is a structured framework for dynamic web applications that are much simpler to create thanks to lesser coding and using the HTML framework as the basic template and extending its syntax and reach. The ease with which it can work with the MVC components makes AngularJS such a popular technology. This Training gives you a hands-on experience on working with AngularJS and provides you real life projects. This way you are well-equipped to work in the real world upon completion of Training for top salaries.