With an increasing number of people accessing mobile phones more than they access their laptops or desktops, it has become increasingly important for a business to have a mobile app to increase its business.

Here are some facts about mobile phones:
• The amount spent on mobile phones has increased by a staggering 575% over the last 3 years
• 80% of that time is spent on using the apps
• Users spend maximum time on user-friendly apps
• All the gadgets of ‘Internet of Things’ are mobile apps centric

A Mobile App:
• Acts as a direct marketing channel for the business
• Builds brand awareness
• Creates recognition when you get your customers involved
• Visible to the customer at all times, which in itself acts as a billboard sign that is infront of you 24*7.
• Increased exposure
• Gives you access to a wider customer base

A customer appreciates when they can
• Easily use the app
• Get all the important notifications because a whopping 97% of the people read Push notifications whereas just 5% people read promotional email
• Can easily contact you through the app
• Have easy access to your inventory.

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