React Native is next-gen React that allows developers to develop mobile apps using just JavaScript. The development tool uses the same design as React and enables developers to build apps with rich user interface. React Native has brought the power of React in the web programming model to mobile development environment. It is a cross platform tool that supports the idea of write-once-run-anywhere.

• Getting Started with React Native
• React Native Tools
• Javascript ES6 Overview
• Create your first React Native app
• Developing your UI with JSX
• Going deeper with React Native

Delegates should be comfortable coding JavaScript from scratch, and web fundamentals (HTML & CSS).

Why Should You Take This React Native Training Course?
Our React Native training course will give you an intensive hands-on introduction to developing cross-platform mobile applications using Facebook’s React Native framework and the Relay declarative programming model.
Software and web developers who want to rapidly create and deploy engaging mobile apps that will look great and perform well on a wide variety of devices. They should attend the course.