MongoDB is a high performance document oriented database. MongoDB is a scalable, open source database and is developed and supported by a company 10gen.
Madrid software trainings in association with industry experts provides quality trainings to professionals. MongoDB is based on an architecture of collections and documents.

• Basic Concepts of MongoDB.
• CRUD Operations in MongoDB.
• Schema Design and Data Modelling, Scalability.
• How to model database relationships?
• How to create and embed indices? What are the various types of indices and their features?
• What is the aggregation framework?
• What are pipeline operators and their detailed functionalities?
• How to create aggregation pipelines?
• Replication in MongoDB.
• What is sharding? How it is implemented?
• Query Routing and Shard Key types.

Targeted Audience
• Students who want to learn MongoDB
• Database professionals
• Software developers
• IT professionals and IT managers.

Why Should You Take This MongoDB Training Course?

MongoDB is a matured NoSQL database product with an ever growing adoption. Many big enterprise and internet companies such as Cisco, EBay, Disney etc. are now running large scale mongoDB production deployments. With its increased adoption, mongoDB has enabled developers to build new types of applications for cloud, mobile and social technologies. This makes mongoDB developers an invaluable resource for companies looking to innovate in each of these areas.