A native app is designed to run on a specific mobile operating system. A hybrid app helps a coder by enabling them to target multiple platforms from a single code base. This helps them as they do not have to write multiple codes for multiple platforms. This significantly reduce the time and cost that are involved in developing the app. These Hybrid Apps are built with a combination of web technologies CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

If you want to target multiple platforms, then the Hybrid App is a good choice because of its reliance on WebView. It’s like combining the best of both the worlds i.e., the native apps and the HTML5 apps.

Some advantages of Hybrid app are:
• Developer can use one code base for multiple platforms.
• Advanced offline capabilities
• Increased visibility because the app can be distributed to mobile browsers via search engines and to the app stores as well.
• It can be designed for various form factors like tablets using the responsive web design.

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