By definition, a Corporate Design (CD) is the official logo and name of the company in a graphical form. But do you know where is it used? Oh you must have seen it a hundred times but never paid much attention to it. It is that graphical design which multiplies the value of a paper from just a sheet to an important document. Yes, you guessed it right. It is used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, etc.

This includes specifying the ink patones to be used and also the typeface. A savvy designer would create a design that is adaptable to all platforms like mobile, web, etc, whether it is print media or online, a Corporate Design has to clear and concise. A designer can also make a design that consists of sound, video or even animation.
There are many important factors such as logo, typography, color, quality and many others which have to be given importance and kept in mind at the time of creating a Corporate Design. The importance of all the factors cannot be stressed enough!

But have you ever wondered that why do we need a corporate design?
It is needed because the customer recognizes the brand through its Corporate Design and Identity. It is needed to stand out amongst the competitors in the market.

We at Troofal make sure that your brand stands out amongst your competitors and you get the right recognition. We are the specialists. Trust us and leave it to us. We not only make a Corporate Design for you, but also give you a host of other services such as digital marketing, product strategies, etc to help you become a big brand, because your success means our success.