The highly-experienced developers at Troofal Interactive want to not only create an android application, but one that provides a simple and dynamic experience to the app user. Interface design enables us to do that. We focus on building an app based on user behaviours to create an overall active and enjoyable experience.

Android app design is about juggling many different development processes (wire-framing, graphic layout, text, programming, and animating) to create one unified, pleasant experience that doesn’t require much investigation by the user. To achieve this, Troofal employs a behaviour-driven development (or BDD) approach to ensure that users interact with an app’s layout in a way that feels most natural to them.
Many ingredients are included in a well-designed user interface. It combines art, computer science, psychology, technical expertise, and testing. This is the absolute, defining characteristic that draws the line between a good app and a great app.

Steps for apps design:
1. Discovery: Our design discovery process is part brainstorm, part innovation, part refinement and part strategy between your company and our team.
2. User Interface Design: They help us build a strong foundation to scope out the app’s functionality, consider its main features and understand the relationships between component to create an engaging user experience.
3. Rapid Prototyping: We start to build stuff, good stuff. Structures, connect screens, animations, responsive buttons – the ingredients for android app design.
4. Visual Design & branding: We tackle your user’s need and wants, and tap into the pulse of your target audience. Using mind maps, market research, use cases, mood boards, and cultural trends, we explore what motivates your users.

We at Troofal Interactive, have Tech Masters who can design android apps for your business. We discuss with you, plan and chart out all your requirements, process them and deliver only the best to you, because your success means our success.
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